Breaking the Cycle of F-E-A-R


Fear is the number one stumbling block for many who have great talents and abilities however, are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone and travel to unknown places and meet new people in order to reach their destiny. I can recall when it was time for me to relocate from the city I grew up in and relocate to a new place in which I had no family and pretty much knew no one. Upon making the move I experienced various emotions, from being excited to nervous, to having great expectation to being unsure of exactly what God was doing. However, after all of my emotions settled, even with me crying for the first two weeks in which I moved there I began to understand that all I was feeling was the spirit of fear due to the new place I was in that I had never experienced.

Have you ever found yourself in an unfamiliar place in which you felt very uncomfortable but at the same time it felt so right? Yes moving away from all of my family and settling into a new area, having to make new friends, network and learn the area was all scary at first however, next to choosing Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and choosing not to abort my daughter was the best decision I had ever made in my life! I want to encourage you on today to step out in order to find out what the world has to offer you! There is a whole world out there waiting for you to tap into it!

ImageSo my friend it is time to BREAK THE CYCLE OF FEAR and be courageous! Have faith knowing your very steps are ordered and when you simply learn to walk you will experience great things and see life in a whole new way.

Below are 3 ways to Breaking the Cycle of F-E-A-R:

1.    Speak Life- Learn to speak the opposite of what you see and feel. Know that death and life lie in the power of your tongue and you can literally create the life you want to see occur in your life.  Never be moved by what may be taking place in the natural but believe for those things in which you can’t see and that may appear to be out of reach for they are a lot closer than you think.

2.    Re-Set Your Focus- Whatever it is you want to achieve in life you must tell yourself that you can do it! Whatever you focus on the most will become maximized in your life. If you focus on being afraid then fear will consume you and hinder you from living the life of your dreams. But if you focus on believing then your faith will increase and you will begin to see things literally change right before your eyes! Remember never be fooled by what others say or do because you are in control of your life and success doesn’t just happen for most of us, we have to prepare for it, work hard and believe that our turn will come; in which it will. Remember fear is simply: False Evidence Appearing Real so in order for something to appear that means you have to look at it. Reset your focus and zoom in on what matters, always keep your goals front and center for they are attainable and if you work hard you will reach each of them.

3.    Live Fearlessly- The worst thing you can do is walk in fear, doubt and unbelief. If no one else believes in you always ensure you believe in yourself. Never be afraid to try something different for expanding your circle of influence, reading new books, traveling new places; etc all have great benefits. I challenge you to create a list of all of the things you are afraid of whether it is success, flying, being hurt; or whatever create a list and next to each of them I want you to put an “X” and beside it write: “I am no longer afraid for I am fearless”! I want you to do this for everything you write down that you are afraid of. It may sound silly but I promise you will be released from the spirit of fear which creates bondage! Be free. Enjoy Life. Live fearlessly!

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The Chains Are Broken! Be FREE!


(Singing: There is power in the name of Jesus….to break every chain…break every chain…break EVERY chain!!”- by Tasha Cobbs)

I know many of us have really taken to this song for we sing it in our churches, recite it in our homes, play it while riding in our cars, but do we really understand the depth of this song and the power which illuminates from every word she sings? The very words that says there is power in the name of Jesus is enough to make you shout and put a boost in your faith knowing that as long as we are always in position to call on the name of Jesus and that no matter what may be going on in our lives at the moment, we have the ability by the power of God that resides on the inside of us to BREAK EVERY CHAIN & BE FREE!

No longer do you have to wrestle in your mind, for I call your mind to be stable NOW in Jesus’ name! I call your flesh to come under subjection to the Holy Spirit right now! I call your finances to be increased and every need to be met in Jesus’ name! I call your children to fall in alignment with the word of God! I call every family member not only blessed but saved by the blood of Jesus! I call your ministry to excel to the next dimension! I call every spiritual gift to be increased with oil, increased with the power of God, increased in the flow of the prophetic, evangelistic and teaching ministry! I call you to have full confidence in the assignment the Lord has placed before you! I call you to give God a surrendered yes from your spirit! I call you to no longer run away from the call, but heed the voice of the Lord on today and tell Him yes!

I understand we may not always know what we are saying yes to but I guarantee you that when you tell God yes and commit to His will VS your own, He will do a complete 180 in your life and cause you to be able to do things you never thought you would be able to do! He will cause you to preach with power, speak with power, do whatever he has called you to do with POWER! No longer shall you be distracted but you shall be focused. You shall be reassured and today you give God another yes!

I bind up the spirit of lack, low self esteem, idolatry, witchcraft, covetness, jealousy, bitterness, gossip, fornication, lying tongue, division, homosexuality, masturbation, grief, depression and whatever else which operates contrary to the Word of God! There is power in the name of Jesus and I command EVERY chain to be broken! I command every yoke of bondage to be destroyed! Be free in Jesus’ name! Be free!

Be encouraged and whatever doors God closes in your life, keep them shut and do not allow the enemy to cause your foot to slip back into the very things God has delivered you from! It’s no time to let down our guards, but it’s time to fight for there is a real enemy who is an accuser of the brethen and he will not stop until he convinces you to give up. This is why we must stay on the wall, operate in our purpose, and not focus on being people pleasers but God pleasers!

God bless you and remember: THE CHAINS ARE BROKEN! BE FREE IN JESUS’ NAME!

Operating in Purpose in 2013

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”.ImageDo you know that God has an amazing plan for your life? So often because of the things we encounter or go through in life we tend to believe that God can’t use us or that He has given up on us due to our many failures and shortcomings. But I choose to believe the opposite on today because one thing I have learned is that the very thing people (the enemy) try to use to disqualify you for God’s Kingdom is the very thing God will use to get the glory out of our lives. The older people like to say, ‘He’ll turn your mess into a message’. I am a firm believer of that because you are reading an article from a woman who many had given up on and said would never amount to anything.

I became pregnant at 16, promiscuous by the time I was 18 and wrapped up in homosexuality for 5 years of my life and the enemy always tried to convince me that God couldn’t use me. But I come to tell you on today that the devil is a liar because God has not only delivered me but every day of my life I walk that deliverance out and the Lord said unto me, “the very thing that tried to suck the life out of you I have given YOU the power to transform it into life itself”! See many of us have a personal power that we either don’t realize we have or we have yet to tap into it. The very thing that tried to hold you back, dampen your spirit, cause you to have low self- esteem or minimize your confidence to believe that God can use you and that He has a plan and purpose for your life is exactly what God will use to catapult you into your destiny!



Guess what else? God will use your very struggle to impact a nation because how can you tell others what God can do if you have no evidence in your life of what God has done for you? Because I am a woman who once struggled in her identity, a single mother, was labeled ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in my childhood and my father was in and out of my life; God used all of that to allow me to be a representation to global women to teach them their true and divine identity in Him by allowing me to produce and publish my own magazine, Women of Standard which teaches women who they are, whose they are and encourages them to never settle for less than God’s best. My team and I strategically include articles that help women literally transform their pain into POWER! I am also preparing to launch my first coaching program, Defining the Pearl in You in which I break down the process of a pearl and show women how the very ‘irritant’ that tried to destroy the pearl, it in return used it as it new refined finish that many of us as women tend to enjoy today!

This is the very same thing the Lord wants to do in your life. God wants to show you how to take what the enemy meant for bad and use it to empower others. That’s why it’s important for you to break free from the chains of bondage and remain free so you can go out and help others tap into who they really are and define their purpose in life!



Lastly, I am preparing to release my first book, The Power in Waiting in which I teach women how to remain encouraged as well as what to do in the meantime, or in the process of standing on the promises of God to actually experiencing the manifestation of the promise. I also encourage singles during this time to use your moments of singleness to pursue purpose, establish a solid relationship with God and become the list that many of us so often have in relation to the qualifications we desire our mate to have.

 Many are giving up and throwing in the towel in the process but I say to you give up and go back to what? With all the hell you have gone through it is now time to get busy operating in purpose and get moving to win souls for Jesus! You may say well I don’t know how to identify my purpose. Let me tell you a secret, your purpose is normally attached to whatever your struggle is. So make an intelligent decision today that 2013 will be your year of no more holding back, no more being intimidated, no more lacking faith but choose to operate fully in your purpose & be who God has called you to be! No more dimming your light to make others feel comfortable! You were created to shake up a nation, stir up your surroundings and always come out better after every storm! God bless!

Carla Cannon
Evangelist, HIScoach, Publisher, Author

It’s Time to Come Up Higher!



With all we are facing in the world today, there are so many things that could shake our faith IF we allowed it to. If it isn’t the extremely sad stories on the news today in relation to murders, or political debates between our current President Barack Obama & Governor Mitt Romney in which at times leaves many confused & unsure as to who to vote for. This presidential election is one that is of great significance & regardless of your personal preference of who to vote for I would like to encourage you to exercise your right to vote.

One thing I have learned & that is God has the final say. We must learn to stand on the Word of God & not be moved & allow God to be God in our lives. It never ceases to amaze me how people who practice other religions can be more faithful to their beliefs than we who call ourselves Christians.


Many of us can preach the Word to others but fall short in applying it to our own lives. I am a firm believer that we are the first partakers of the Word the Lord gives us. We are also the first to be tried on that very word we released unto others. That is why you don’t hear many preachers speaking on topics such as: homosexuality, masturbation or adultery because sad to say but many of them are indulging in it themselves. Our churches are filled with many “feel good” messages that leave the people on an emotional high & no real substance to keep them when life begins to happen to them. Sadly, many of our leaders resemble pimps rather than men & women of God. Now don’t misinterpret what I am saying, this doesn’t apply to every church. For I bless God for my wonderful leaders, Pastor Wil & First Lady Grace Nichols ( for they are the epitome of what godly leaders are supposed to look like. I am sure there are other leaders all around the world that are preaching the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ & doing their best to live a life applying God’s word to their lives. However, there are still many churches in which the pastors aren’t living the life they preach. Some of them feel it’s okay to sleep with other men or women (or in this day & time BOTH) in the church while gracing God’s sacred pulpit. If that’s you just say OUCH & get delivered & keep it moving!

Now, I know you may be looking for a watered down message but I am here to help; you get out of whatever you may be in that is keeping you bound. This is the season of promotion, elevation & God fulfilling the very promises that are listed in His Word. But on the flip side of that, I also believe this is a season where covers will be pulled back & folk will be exposed if they continue to maneuver in life without reverential fear of God & continuing to live unclean lives while calling themselves leading God’s people.

Many of us don’t want to talk about the condition of the church but the truth is there are more churches on every corner but less REAL believers filling them up! Instead we have masked men & women who show up to be entertained & to get a Word from the Lawd & only want to hear a good shouting message not one that will help transform their lives & help them come out of the sin they are in!

My sisters & my brothers it is time for us as a people to come up a little higher. It is time for us to become the church versus focusing on a building in which we go to worship. Know that there is someone, somewhere watching you & you may be the only example of Christ they see, why not display Christ well & represent Him the way He deserves. It’s time to come up higher!